2021 Club Championship Final Results 

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Member-Member - March 19 & 20 (two day event)

TLQMC 2021 Member Member Challenge Entry Form
2021 TLQMC Member_Member Challenge Entry
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Presidents Newsletter March 2021


         Hope everyone is staying healthy and active.  This is the best time of the year here in the desert. Lot’s going on.

1)  We just concluded our annual club championship and congratulations go to Brian Mooney who is our Club Champion for the third consecutive year  (a three peat).

     Champion of the net division goes to Dave Thompson,  congratulation Dave!

2)  If anyone has changed their phone#,  e-mail,  home address  etc. please let Mike Budd know so he can update the roster.  The roster can be accessed

     On the men’s club website,  the password is  “foregolf”.   There is lot’s of information on the site concerning member information,  tournaments,  Monday formats,  etc.

3)  As of April 1st you may change your designated tee choice for Monday play,  please contact Ron Englhard prior to the 1st if you want to make a change.   

4)  HOLE-IN-ONE IN THE MONTH OF MARCH:  BRAD DAIN #8,  NEIL CORTESI  #8,  AL CLARK  #17.  If I missed anyone that means I didn’t know about it,  so in the future if you get a hole-in-one please let me know so I can acknowledge it the next newsletter.

Rich Mercatante—President TLQMC

New Members


Go to the "New Member Information" page of the website for important details about joining TLQMC.

Got Rules?


New Local Rule - Bunker Play 


LIFT, SMOOTH AND REPLACE—When a player's ball is in a bunker, a player may lift his or her ball, smooth the sand to ground level (flat not teed) and replace the ball back on it’s original spot.  The player may clean the ball when lifting it under this procedure.


New Local Rule - Goose Dung


At the player’s option, dung from geese may be treated either as: 

A loose impediment that may be removed under Rule 15.1, or 

ground under repair from which relief is allowed under Rule 16.1.


Attention All Members


Please read the new World Handicap System explanation on the Handicap Information page - it is very important that all Members understand and follow the new Handicap System.  If you have questions, please contact Ron Englhard at ronenglhard@verizon.net.


Perimeter Rules Are in Effect 


Please Click On The Tab "Golf Course Perimeter Rules" for more Information.


Got a Rules Question?


Go to our Rules Questions and Answers section. 



If you are a member of the Men's Club (TLQMC), and have had a hole in one at our Golf Course, let me know, nick.smyth@att.net, and I will list your Name and Hole-In-One Information - date, hole, and club used.

Classified Section


Do you have something golf related to sell or give away?  Please see our Classified Section and put it on our website. 

Remember, golf related items only.



TLQMC Board of Directors


President                          Rich Mercatante


Vice President                  Tom Sweet


Secretary                          Allan McMurray


Treasurer                          Mike Wolff


Handicap Chairman          Ron Englhard


Tournament Director        Bill Gorgone


Monday Play                      Dennis Asher


Membership                       Mike Budd


Website Manager              Nick Smyth


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