August 2020 President's Newsletter




Well, it’s August and we are all still surviving. Not much to talk about here in the desert, just hot and humid.  The men’s club just finished it’s annual “Dry Heat” tournament and we would all like to congratulate the winners of the “A” flight which were the team of Borden and Lim.  The “B” flight winners were the team of Mellick and Plummer.  The tournament was a huge success, and everyone had a good time.  Our thanks go out to Tom Sweet and his team for putting on another successful tournament despite all the adversities we are dealing with.


I want to give a special thanks to Kevin Templin our course superintendent.  Kevin has done an outstanding job getting the course ready for the tournament. The course is in excellent condition - the greens are superb.  Kevin doesn’t have much to work with due to reduced maintenance staff and budget issues and this makes me realize that we are lucky to have him.  In case some of you don’t know, the men’s club gave Kevin a small token of appreciation recently.  When you see him out on the course, give him a “thank you” for his efforts.


There are still no Monday events due to the “no shotgun” restrictions.  I’m guessing we will resume Monday play after the re-seeding in October, let’s keep our fingers crossed.  All of us that are still here in the desert are thinking of our fellow golfers up north especially our Canadian friends and neighbors, we realize you are dealing with lots of uncertainty about your desert homes and future travel plans.  I would just like to say we miss all you guys and we are hoping for the best in the next few months so we can all get back to normal.


Can’t think of anything else brilliant to say, so keep your heads down and stay safe!


Rich Mercatante, President TLQMC


Rich Mercatante



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Next tournament is the Welcome Back on November 16.

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New Local Rule - Bunker Play 


LIFT, SMOOTH AND REPLACE—When a player's ball is in a bunker, a player may lift his or her ball, smooth the sand to ground level (flat not teed) and replace the ball back on it’s original spot.  The player may clean the ball when lifting it under this procedure.


New Local Rule - Goose Dung


At the player’s option, dung from geese may be treated either as: 

A loose impediment that may be removed under Rule 15.1, or 

ground under repair from which relief is allowed under Rule 16.1.


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Treasurer                          Mike Wolff


Handicap Chairman          Ron Englhard


Tournament Director        Tom Sweet


Monday Play                      Dennis Asher


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Website Manager              Nick Smyth


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