Presidents Newsletter May 2021


I was just thinking, here it is May 2nd and I need to write a “newsletter”, only problem is there is not much news worth talking about.  First of all, I would like to thank Angel and Kevin for the tremendous condition of the golf course, so when you see them, please acknowledge their efforts.  As a men’s club let’s continue to help keep the course in good shape by filling divots (not just yours but others as well), fixing ball marks on greens and just generally helping out where we can and remember, range balls are for the driving range not your garage.

Only one hole-in-one that I know about in April.  Vern Moore had an ace on hole # 11 on the 19th—Congratulations Vern!! Most of the snowbirds have left and are back enjoying the cooler weather up north.  As for us " desert rats" we should have no interruptions in our Monday events for a while and I hope you are all happy with the variety of Monday formats. Lots of thought and effort has been put out to make everyone want to participate.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy the warmer weather.


God Bless!!
Rich Mercatante-President TLQMC

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Got Rules?


New Local Rule - Bunker Play - No Longer in Effect


Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is going away, and rakes are back at the sand traps, the Bunker Play rule is no longer in effect.


New Local Rule - Goose Dung


At the player’s option, dung from geese may be treated either as: 

A loose impediment that may be removed under Rule 15.1, or 

ground under repair from which relief is allowed under Rule 16.1.


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If you are a member of the Men's Club (TLQMC), and have had a hole in one at our Golf Course, let me know,, and I will list your Name and Hole-In-One Information - date, hole, and club used.

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TLQMC Board of Directors


President                          Rich Mercatante


Vice President                  Tom Sweet


Secretary                          Allan McMurray


Treasurer                          Mike Wolff


Handicap Chairman          Ron Englhard


Tournament Director        Bill Gorgone


Monday Play                      Dennis Asher


Membership                       Mike Budd


Website Manager              Nick Smyth


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