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More Golf Vistas in LaQuinta
More Golf Vistas in LaQuinta

This section of the website includes information about TLQMC, membership requirements, membership application, establishing an Index, fees, etc.


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2020 Membership Application
TLQMC Membership Application 2020.pdf
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1.     What are the current membership requirements to join the TLQMC?


Membership is open to all Trilogy at La Quinta residents in good standing with the Trilogy La Quinta Maintenance Organization (TLQMA). To play in Club golf tournaments, membership in the SCGA is required. There are no other preconditions for membership, nor will members be required to join any other national, state, or regionally affiliated organization.


2.      How do I join the TLQMC?


First, you must fill out the TLQMC New Member Application and SCGA forms that are located on the TLQMC website ( in the “New Member Section” and submit them, along with a check made out to "TLQMC" in the amount of the total fees. The SCGA and TLQMC fees are listed on the down-loadable forms provided on the website. 


Contact the TLQMC Membership Chair, Mike Budd to arrange delivery of the forms and the check.


3.     If I join the club during the year are the fees pro-rated?


TLQMC policy is that we do pro-rate the fees. SCGA charges us for the full amount of their fees and we pro-rate our fees on a monthly basis based on the chart below for 2020.


Payment Schedule when Joining TLQMC after the First of the Year-2020
Month Joined Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
SCGA Annual Fee $36 $36 $36 $36 $36 $36 $36 $36 $36 $36 NA 36NA
Men's Club Dues $85 $76 $67 $58 $49 $40 $31 $22 $13 $4 $0 $0
Total Due $121 $112 $103 $94 $85 $76 $67 $58 $49 $40 $0 $0





































































4.     How do I establish a valid index so that I can qualify for participation in TLQMC events?


For new golfers who have no handicap from other organizations, it’s necessary to turn in 5 scorecards, and post those 5 scores. No adjustments to your score are required. To expedite receiving a Handicap Index, you may also turn in those scores to the handicap Committee. They will give you a “temporary Handicap Index”. This will be your Handicap Index until the GHIN/SCGA systems are able to post your new Handicap Index ( Note: This can sometimes take over two months because of New Member Application processing, and posting cycles, etc.)


For golfers with existing handicaps at other Non SCGA Clubs, you will use a similar process, except you are expected to adjust per USGA Equitable Stroke Control rules. In addition, if you elect to get a temporary Handicap Index form the TLQMC Handicap Committee, your scores will be melded with your scores from your other, or previous, Club to arrive at a “temporary Handicap Index”.


5.     How is the established handicap computed?


An established handicap is based on the lowest eight (8) gross differentials of the last 20 rounds played. A score must be recorded each time a player completes a 9 or 18 hole round. If he plays 7 of 9 or 14 of 18 holes, he must post net par for the remaining holes.


6.     What do I need to do if I already have a valid index from another organization?


All TLQMC members that belong to other Golf Club(s) must have their Handicap Indexes “linked” to participate in TLQMC events. SCGA has cooperative agreements with most other USGA organizations. These agreements allow scores from multiple Clubs to be compiled, and then produce one Handicap Index.


This one Handicap Index is then used at all clubs. To link your scores and Handicap Indexes, members need to submit their Name, SCGA Number, Name of the other Club, and GHIN number to the TLQMC Handicap Chairman, Ron Englhard


7.     What are the requirements to participate in TLQMC Tournaments?


To be eligible for the Major Tournaments, a member must have a current GHIN/SCGA Handicap Index and be a member in good standing with TLQMC and have played in 5 Monday events in the last 12 months.


There are Eight (8) Major Tournaments per season. These Tournaments must be posted as “Tournament” scores.


1.     “Welcome Back/Memorial” Tournament


2.     Couples Club Championship


3.     Holiday Tournament


4.     Member-Guest Tournament


5.     President’s Cup


6.     Partner Better Ball Tournament


7.     Men’s Club Championship


8.     Dry Heat Tournament






8.     When are annual renewal fees due?


Annual TLQMC fees will be due in November. Dues are payable December 1, and delinquent December 20. The annual fee will be set by the Board of Directors. The TLQMC will also bill for the annual SCGA Membership fee at that time.




9.   What are the SCGA dues for prospective members that are already paid members of the SCGA with another club?


The SCGA will charge clubs $36 per member, per club, per year, regardless of the multiple memberships."