Recommendations For Completing Your Score Card

New Scorecard 10/25/2019
New Scorecard.pdf
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  1. Make sure all entries are legible.
  2. Circle the Tees played.
  3. Enter handicaps for each player.
  4. Subtract handicaps from gross 18 hole scores and enter as "NET"
  5. Enter the starting time and ending time for the round (TLQMC events).
  6. Circle all scores that exceed your handicap maximum (see table below).
  7. When posting your score enter your adjusted score - making adjustments for each hole exceeding your handicap limit.
  8. Scorer sign and date the card.
  9. Have one of your group attest the proper recording of scores and sign the card where indicated.
  10. Enter your score on the Pro shop computer or alternatively on the SCGA website and place the card in the box provided next to the computer.



For handicap purposes, the member is required to adjust your hole scores when they are higher than the maximum number you can post. There is no limit on the number of holes on which you can adjust your score. Use the ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) chart at:

 "Handicap Information" to calculate your maximum.